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Piedmont Hoist and Crane manufactures overhead cranes and crane components in a modern plant centrally located in Colfax, NC. Our engineers and design team use state of the art modeling software and computer equipment. Piedmont Hoist & Crane is a member of CMAA and builds bridge cranes in strict accordance with CMAA Specifications 70 and 74. We provide box girders, rotating axle end trucks and Raptorâ„¢ Built-up engineered hoist trolleys.

New Equipment Installation

Experience, supervision, training and the right equipment are the cornerstones of every successful installation. Piedmont Hoist is proud of it's reputation for on-time and on-budget projects that perform as expected right from the beginning.

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Service & Repair

The need for dependable service and quality repairs is more evident than it has ever been before, due to the current industry trend of reducing or eliminating in-house maintenance departments. Piedmont Hoist can help you meet this need.

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OSHA Inspections

Avoid deadly accidents, prevent expensive equipment failures, and keep your hoists and cranes operating as efficiently as they should with timely inspections and proper maintenance performed by experienced and qualified service technicians.

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