In Business For Over 20 Years And Still Going StrongFor most companies, surviving a recession is difficult. However, Piedmont Hoist not only survived, weactually grew substantially due to a combination of strong,intelligent leadership and a staff comprisedof the most knowledgeable and experienced craftsmen in the industry, who take pride in all of their work.
WE WORK WITH BOTH LARGE AND SMALL BUSINESSESWe may work with many of the leading worldwide manufacturers now, but we got our start workingwith small and mid-sized companies that needed cost efficient solutions to fit tighter budgets. So nomatter the size of your company, we will work with you to find the best solution that fits your budgetA solution that you can depend on for years to come
INDUSTRY’S MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE AND EXPERIENCED CRAFTSMENThese craftsmen include our engineers who use the latest CAD software to design the hoist and crane systems,our fabricators who turn those designs into high quality hardware, and our installers who put it all together andensure the system’s world-class quality and reliability that our customers have come to expect and depend upon.
You May Have Heard Of Some Of Our CustomersPiedmont Hoist is trusted by many Fortune 500 & Fortune Global 1000 companies to provide creative solutionsfor their unique business needs. The main reason these world-renowned companies continually call on us?We never compromise on the quality of our work

Piedmont Hoist and Crane - Overhead Crane Specialists

Piedmont Hoist specializes in overhead crane installation and repair in large-scale industrial applications suchas manufacturing facilities, warehouses, shipyards, repair bays, and military bases. We provide these hoistand crane services primarily in NC, SC, and VA, however we regularly work with customers all across America.
HOLIDAY SCHEDULEAPRIL 2014 Our office will be closed the following days, at the times specified. You may still place orders through the website during these times and all orders will be processed immediately when our offices re-open. Friday, April 18thClosed All Day The schedule above does not necessarily apply to our service department. Please contact the service department for availability during this time - 1-888-845-5646

24/7 Emergency Hoist & Crane Repair Service - 888-845-5646

CMCO® Certified Repair Technicians Available For 24 Hour Emergency Service
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New Equipment Installation

Experience, supervision, training and the right equipment are the cornerstones of every successful installation. Piedmont Hoist is proud of it's reputation for on-time and on-budget projects that perform as expected right from the beginning.
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Service & Repair

The need for dependable service and quality repairs is more evident than it has ever been before, due to the current industry trend of reducing or eliminating in-house maintenance departments. Piedmont Hoist can help you meet this need.
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OSHA Inspections

Avoid deadly accidents, prevent expensive equipment failures, and keep your hoists and cranes operating as efficiently as they should with timely inspections and proper maintenance performed by experienced and qualified service technicians.
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About Piedmont Hoist

Piedmont Hoist has grown from a small service firm doing simple inspections and repairs, to a full-service hoist and crane organization, specialized in large-scale overhead crane installation, that also offers services - including inspections, repairs, and training.
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Online Store

Over 10,000 hoists and components, and nearly 30,000 parts available for order online.
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CraneRx optimizes the effectiveness and return on investment of your maintenance program - whether in-house or outsourced. CraneRx also helps manage time spent on maintenance, as well as track repairs and inspections, saving you both time and money.
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